Flamenco & Paella Night

Sunday, June 24th, 5pm


Don't miss this exciting and one of a kind flamenco event this year!


Set in the historic Smyrna Firehouse, the event will include traditional Spanish paella and live flamenco show featuring guitarist and signer Pedro Jiménez, as well as dancer Ania La Candela, and Jerry Fields on drums and percussion. The show is unplugged and allows you to enjoy flamenco in its most intimate and traditional form.


You are actually in for two shows... Flamenco & Paella making!!!


 $50 gets you a chance to see this unique and intimate show as well as paella. The event is BYOB, so you are welcome to bring a beverage of your choice.


Old Smyrna Firehouse

2889 Alexander Street

Smyrna, GA 30080



Ania "La Candela" 

Guitar & Voice

Pedro Jiménez

 Percussion/ drums

Jerry Fields


Tickets (below): $50 (includes paella)

Pedro Jiménez performing in Spain:

J Pedro Jiménez Relinque

Ole las que bailan bien! Bonito vídeo de Colmado Selecto de Palomita

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Menu Paella:


Valencia's bomba rice, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, chorizo Riojano, extra virgin olive oil, saffron from Castilla-La Mancha, pimenton de La Vera and sofrito are among the main ingredients

About the chef:

Paella will be prepared by Alejandro Montes-Granada,  the owner and executive chef of The Spaniard with more than 20 years of experience making paellas. He was born in Gijon, Asturias in Northern Spain Alejandro the foundation of his learning comes from experience from traveling throughout Spain and cooking for loved ones. His knowledge of traditional Spanish cuisine developed primarily from his childhood and from his mother, Maria Asuncion, who according to Alejandro, is the best cook in the world and in observing and helping his father, Luis, cook paellas in an open fire on the banks of the Tajo River.

Pedro Jiménez 


Born in Cádiz, Spain, Pedro Jiménez has always been close to flamenco. During his flamenco career he accompanied many great flamenco dancers on stage as well as classes of the great Carmen Cornejo de Cádiz. In addition to receiving a degree in music education from the University of Cádiz, Pedro studied guitar for five years at the Royal Conservatory of Cádiz (Real Conservatorio de Cádiz) as well as received classes from guitarists Victor Rosa, Tito Alcedo y Rafael Segura Torres (Faluky). He also studied flamenco song with the great singer Calixto Sánchez.


Since 2017, Pedro resides in New Jersey and is actively involved in the New York flamenco scene, including performing at tablao Alegrias La Nacional and collaborating with singer Alfonso Sid and dancers of Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana.  

Pedro Jiménez Flamenco

Solo Bulerias. Pedro Jiménez

Pedro Jiménez Flamenco

Erika Leiva en la Feria de La Linea

Jerry Fields


Known as a total percussionist, Jerry Fields performs regularly in Atlanta and throughout the southeast on drum-set, timpani, marimba and various world percussion instruments. A Summit Jazz recording artist (Ted Howe Trio), Mr. Fields is featured on the group’s critically acclaimed recording Ellington as well as Elton Exposed. A world percussionist at heart, Jerry has performed with Ania "La Candela" for several years and as well as a number of flamenco artists including Guitarists: Arturo Martinez, Ricardo Diaz, Jose Manuel Tejeda, Luis Linares “el Tiburon”, Christian Puig and John Lawrence. Dancers: Antonio Vargas, Manolo Punto, Barbara Brenton Antonio Hidalgo and Ulrika Frank. Singers: Alfonso Cid, Marija Temo and Javier Heredia. Jerry also actively performs with Indian, Greek, Kleezmer, Arabic and African ensembles.

The Old Smyrna Firehouse

"In 2012, I found the property while looking for a site to build my house, but I had no idea what the ruins of the building once were (thankfully, neither did anyone else). Kudzu had taken over much of the property, hiding its real identity. I made the developer an offer he couldn’t refuse (he needed the money) and began my research to learn what the building originally looked like." says Robert, the owner, and renovator of the Old Smyrna Firehouse.


To learn more about this historic venue visit: oldsmyrnafirehouse.com

What is paella?

Paella is a centuries-old traditional rice dish from Spain. It is part of the fiber of Spanish life and the product of many generations of fine eating. The native land of paella is Valencia, Spain. Paella is most certainly not one dish, it is endless dishes made with almost any ingredient. It is a technique for making many rice dishes that are generally united by the eye-catching paella pan in which they cook and by their cooking method. The flavor depends on the ingredients that are combined with the rice and from which the rice soaks up its flavors. Paella marries the robust Mediterranean flavors of olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers with rice, broth, and meat, fish, or vegetables to create a healthy grain-based meal that will gratify the senses and be the centerpiece for exciting entertainment.

In the words of Placido Domingo, "Paella is the magnificent rice dish from my native Spain. It is the quintessential dish of Spain, a veritable symphony of colors and flavors that delights both the eye and the palate."