What to expect if you book a flamenco performance?

The client has a choice of a performance with live music or recorded music. The performance to recorded music involves Ania dancing flamenco using various flamenco props, which usage depends on the size of the dance floor. These props can involve various Spanish fans (abanico, pericón, veil fan), castanets (castañuelas, palillos), huge embroidered flamenco shawl (mantón de Manila) and skirt with a train (bata de cola). The performance can generally last up to 60 minutes with at least one break. Additional dancer can also be requested.


The performance with live music includes flamenco guitar and if chosen a singer and percussionist. A piano, Venezuelan cuatro, bass, sax and violin can also be added to the performance upon request. There is also an option of requesting a performance without a dancer.


The show with live music can last as long as requested and involves pieces with flamenco dance, as well as guitar solos and guitar and voice solos. Based on clients needs, the performance can involve songs by Gypsy Kings and other rumbas flamencas, as well as Latin American music and jazz. The show can have a format of traditional Spanish tablao (flamenco venue) with traditional flamenco songs or a fusion of flamenco with other music as previously mentioned. If you are looking to recreate that flamenco show atmosphere that you saw while on a trip to Spain, Ania and her group are your only choice for authentic flamenco.


Both the live music and recorded music shows can include a flamenco dance class, as well as a background on what flamenco is and where it comes from. Flamenco dance classes are a great team building activity. They are also a great choice for kid’s entertainment, birthday parties, bridal showers and themed get-togethers. Ania has invented the idea of BYOB flamenco classes and has been successfully organizing these types of events in Atlanta. Please inquire for details.